Tricks To Save Some Money While Renting A Van

One of the things that everyone cares about while renting or making a purchase, is of course, saving some money. While there are plenty of ways that you can save yourself some money while renting a van, this article will mention only the most efficient tricks.

Rent from a reputable company

While this might seem like a quite obvious thing to do, you might be surprised how often people think that they are getting a great deal, when they are actually not. One of the most common things renting companies like to do, is charge you with some unnecessary things like strange insurance, additional equipment that you didn’t even ask for, and various other services that you didn’t even know about.

If you are interested what is considered a company with good reputation, then you should check out, and see if they are in your area. In case they are not, find a local rental service that offers similar services with good customer feedback.

Think about the size of your van

While it is quite an easy choice to rent out the biggest van available, it will often cost you more than renting out a smaller van where you can pack all of your items. There is no need to get a big van where you will have a lot of extra space, because sometimes all it takes is a little bit of planning and item sorting to fit everything, you can consider it a like a very fun money saving puzzle.

Vans come in various sizes

Rent for longer

Now, while this seems counter productive at first, if you are not sure if you are going to complete all of your tasks in a single day, it is highly suggested that you rent out for an extra day, or maybe even two if you have a friend who might need the van as well.

The prices are often not that different when you rent out an extra day as the initial renting service is the part that costs the most, and in most cases, if you inform the rental company that you want to rent for an extra day after you sign the contract, you will have to pay some kind of fee that is usually a lot higher than renting out multiple days to begin with.

Split the cost with your friends

Like it was mentioned earlier, renting the van out for an extra day or two if your friends need the van is a great idea in order to save some money, however, you can also split the cost if you are renting it only to pick up an item from a random vendor, only to give it to your friend for the rest of the day due to something that he or she planned to do.

Of course, it is very important to ask your friends if they do want to chip-in in the first place, as it would be quite rude to offer them help with your rental van from or your local vendor only to ask them for money once they return it back.

Helping a friend is always a good thing

Final Word

Planning and co-operation with your friends is always the best way to save a buck here and there when it comes to hiring or renting vans, so make sure that you organize yourself properly before you rent a vehicle, and more importantly, rent from a trusted rental company only.