What Makes G-Class SUV The Best Car Choice in 2018

Advanced lighting features, classic upright shape, purposeful elegance reflects the confident capability of G class SUV. It is tailored to meet the varying desires of every car lover.

Design features

The galvanized steel body and robust ladder frame are hand-welded. The frame of this model is flowed with warm wax to fight corrosion. Its wiring attachments are hand-loomed. It takes around forty hours to design each G-Class entirely by hand. Beyond strength and quality, a G-Class thrills a car driver with its unwavering character.

Its exquisitely handmade cabin appointments provide an alluring palette of personalization. It provides a wide selection of best quality Nappa leathers, in varying styles, stitching details and colors. 6 hand-finished cabin trims in carbon fiber or rich wood with the finest spectrum of paintwork look classically elegant and colorfully expressive.

The G-Class is related to just individuality. With its ultimate design production program, you get the power to customize it with several exterior and interior options to suit your needs. Your handcrafted and bespoke vehicle will be completed to the finest level.


The 3 sequential lockable differentials provide masterful capability where a user can lock each and every differential in the middle, rear, then front through a set of buttons present on the dash. This assists in maintaining the ideal balance of traction and torque for the situation.

The standard G-Class model sends continuous power to all of its four wheels. Its Electronic Traction System quickly apportions torque to its wheels that provide the best grip on wet and snowy roads. When off-road, you can find its locking differentials to assist you in conquering muddy, uneven and loose terrain.

Superior power

Mercedes G Class comes with two handcrafted SUVs that provide exemplary 563-hp and 621-hp. Technological teamwork helps in making driving safe and easy. Active Distance Assist uses radar to easily adapt the speed of your vehicle to the flow of traffic. Blind Spot Assist helps in a rear end camera and Active Parking Assist that help you easily sense your surroundings. It gives added safety when it comes to changing lanes or maneuvering in tight corners.


G class Mercedes comes with thoughtful technology that is made for extreme conditions. Electric heating of windshield, rear window and side mirrors to 4 heated seats, a G-Class model starts dispelling the harshness of winter season prior to warming the engine.


Impeccable and robust technology makes it stand out from competitors in the market. These exemplary set of features and functions makes G class Mercedes the best choice on the market.